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Local Gateways & Repeaters

C4FM users

Make sure that your Yaesu C4FM radio firmware is up to date, set the radio to AMS (automatic mode select) if the repeater is in use by someone on FM your radio will automatically switch to FM, and when using the repeater leave a gap between overs, this will allow people with FM only radios to call in.


Set your radio to use CTCSS (sub-audible tone) on transmit and receive, so that you do not hear the digital noise, when making a call, check to see if the repeater is in use, do this by observing the busy LED or the signal meter, if all is clear make your call, if the repeater is in use on digital and you wish to call in, wait for a gap and make your call, the repeater will switch to FM and also the Yaesu Fusion radios