there is a 10 second delay in operation

if you need technical help connect to the CQ-UK Room and put out a call for Rickie MI5DAW for (DMR & Dongles)  Stuart M0SGS (WIRES-X & HRI-200)

or find them on QRZ and send an email.

How to Connect to CQ-UK Room

on  DMR+ repeaters TG2351

on  DMR+ using Dongles Reflector 4409 via MI5DAW in Belfast 24/7

on Brandmeister repeaters NOT AVAILABLE

on YSF  reflectors no full-time 24/7 link

on C4FM Wires-X repeaters Room 27793 or search "CQ-UK" 24/7

on C4FM using Dongles FCS 004/20 via MI1DAW in Belfast 24/7

on C4FM using Dongles FCS004/15 via GB7RY in RYE  no full-time 24/7 link